Supporting Our Community

Here at Portland Toy Company, we believe you can never separate social justice from your business. We are working to build a foundation that gives back to our immediate community, and communities more marginalized than our own. Making pleasure accessible to everyone is a central part of our mission.

We believe high quality, body-safe sex toys should be accessible and available to everyone, but let’s face it, body-safe sex toys can be pricy!

High quality materials, such as silicone, are costly to produce (and purchase), but are designed to withstand the tests of use and time.

Less expensive toys are often made with materials that are toxic to the body, such as phthalates, that can be absorbed into the body and cause damage over time.


When it comes to sex toys, you often get what you pay for!

We are passionate about making our body-safe products accessible to all individuals because pleasure is a human right!

Our 'Donate A Toy' program is designed to get our toys into the hands (and holes!) of marginalized folks who may not have the funds to spend on a new toy.

We hope to 

If you’re a trans, BIPOC, or disabled person interested in being on our donation list, please contact us at


At Portland Toy Company, we are committed to designing a framework that allows us to continuously invest in our local community. We donate a percentage of sales from our Featured Products to organizations that directly serve queer, trans, and POC communities. Our current featured toy is The Jewel

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Ongoing promotions and raffles make it possible to raise funds for organizations we care about. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on current happenings!