The Hunk was born from the fantasies of our endlessly creative customers. We asked what your dream dildo is and, WOW, we have gotten lots of answers!


One consistent request was for a toy that is stout but girthy, with a meaty curve to really ~get in there~, you know? The diameter of the Hunk starts at 1.5 inches at the tip and gradually increases to a whopping 2.25 at the base, making it an ideal option for warming up to extra large toys or fisting. Aspiring size royalty look no further, the Hunk is here to give you a good stretch.


In the words of our co-founder Chelsea, “wow, I wanna sit on it!” We hope you wanna sit on it too! After all, we made it for you ;-)


All toys from Portland Toy Company are body safe, made from 100% platinum cure silicone. They are hand sculpted in clay, molded with silicone, and individually cast. No two are exactly alike! Your toy will vary slightly from the photograph because our toys are as unique as the individuals they are made for! 

Note: if you are intending to use the Hunk in a harness, make sure your o-ring is at least 2 inches in diameter.


  • Insertable length: 5.75 in

    Total length: 6.25 in

    Diameter at narrowest point: 1.5 in

    Diameter at widest point: 2.25 in

    Diameter of base: 3.75 in